In the 2010 Census, more than 190 thousand enumerators visited 67.6 million housing units in the 5,565 Brazilian municipalities. This website brings information about all the steps of the 2010 Census, with special highlight to the survey results.

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29/09/2010 - 
Seminar on the 2010 Census methodology and technology brings together representatives of 20 countries
IBGE holds this week the “2010 Population Census: Assessment of Field Work and International Seminar ...
30/08/2010 - 
2010 Census: 48% of the population has been counted
At 10 a.m. today (08/30), IBGE will present the second partial assessment of the 2010 Census ongoing data collection...
18/08/2010 - 
2010 Census: IBGE selects 2,006 more enumerators
IBGE opened a selection process for 2,006 more enumerators for the 2010 Census in the following states: Goiás, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina and São Paulo...
16/08/2010 - 
2010 Census: 17% of the population has been enumerated
The 2010 Census has evolved normally in the first two weeks of activities...
02/08/2010 - 
2010 Demographic Census begins
The 12th Brazilian Demographic Census began on Sunday, August 1st, 2010. Throughout this week and in the next three months...
30/07/2010 - 
River and satellite navigation put 2010 Census interviews on the way to IBGE
The 8,514,876.599 km² of the Brazilian territory constitute an additional challenge in the 2010 Census...
26/07/2010 - 
IBGE hosts a seminar about the 2010 Census for journalists
With one week to go before the beginning of the 2010 Census information collection, IBGE hosts today (07/26), at 9:30 a.m., a seminar about the Census, aimed at journalists of the whole Brazil...
19/07/2010 - 
Census 2010: enumerators start final training phase
IBGE starts today the attended training program for the 209,826 applicants approved for the second selection phase of Census 2010 enumerators...
05/05/2010 - 
IBGE starts countdown for the 2010 Census
The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) has started a three-month countdown for the 2010 Census data collection...

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