In the 2010 Census, more than 190 thousand enumerators visited 67.6 million housing units in the 5,565 Brazilian municipalities. This website brings information about all the steps of the 2010 Census, with special highlight to the survey results.

In 2010, IBGE will conduct the XII Population Census which will consist of a big portrait, in both size and reach, of our population and of its socioeconomic features. At the same time, the Census will be the basis over which will lie the public and private planning for the next decade.

The 2010 Census will provide a complete portrait of the country with the profile of its population and the characteristics of its households, that is, it will tell us who we are, how many, where we are and how we live.

The preparatory phase of the census operation began in 2007 and work was intensified in 2008. The data collection is programmed to start on August 1st, 2010 and the results will start to be released in December of the same year.

On this page, one of the publishing channels of the 2010 Census, you will find relevant information about the conduction of the survey.

Welcome to the 2010 Census!

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